Eric Soto

Welcome! This is Eric Soto and I am a Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in mobile apps and APIs. As a certified Agile practitioner, I help businesses expand quickly into mobile and the internet so they can better reach a nationwide presence.



I am Eric Soto and I am a professional Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in iPhone, Android apps and APIs. I currently work for MJD Interactive, a San Diego based Digital Innovation Agency. I am based in West Palm Beach, Florida and routinely work on projects across the US.

With over 26 years experience in technology and more than 18 of those years in the Internet space, I have an excellent track record of leveraging technology and achieving positive results on the web.

I help businesses expand into mobile and the Internet so they can reach a nationwide presence quickly and cost-effectively.

I am Agile/Scrum certified and have been practicing Agile methodologies for over 5 years. I strongly believe in the values of iterative software delivery.

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Cross-Platform Capabilities

I am a passionate Apple Mac user. I migrated from Windows in 2012 after many years on that platform. Since then I have helped many businesses and fellow developers transition into Macs. However, I am still very proficient in Windows servers, and in Visual Studio leveraging many of the powerful technologies on the .Net stack.




Mobile Software Engineer, iOS & Android, REST API Development

Eric A. Soto * West Palm Beach, Florida * 561-318-1610