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Backdoors just for the asking!

As reported by PC Magazine's Security Watch, Wickr's Co-Founder Nico Sell was casually asked by an FBI Agent (at a conference) "if she'd be willing to install a backdoor into Wickr that would allow the FBI to retrieve information." Wow, the gall of these so-called "law enforcement" people!

Wickr is an app for both iOS and Android that allows its users to chat privately. Check them out at

What troubles me is the nonchalant casual nature of this request to essentially violate the privacy of customers and even worse, assist in the trampling of the US Constitution! Pursuing criminals (with lawful warrants) is one thing, but asking for a backdoor to an ENTIRE system is quite another!

It also makes me wonder how many companies are simply saying "yes" and allowing this to go on. Again, I'm all for helping law enforcement pursue individuals lawfully (warrants, due process, etc) but these requests I think are not being scrutinized enough and in some cases, are secret and therefore not subject to ANY scrutiny that we can see!

Read the complete article here:

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