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Want your own cellphone tower to eavesdrop on an unsuspecting cellphone user? No problem, the NSA has you covered!

Check out the alleged catalog of HACKS our own government is amassing to nearly every technology in use today!

Among many other exploits in the catalog, "CANDYGRAM", "mimics GSM tower of a target network" and costs a reported $32,000. "Typical use scenarios are... target tracking and identification..."

The content of this catalog, if true, is troubling. Assuming government is using this for "good only", the problem is how much of this technology is leaking to third parties OR how many others have figured out the same vulnerabilities the NSA has found?

In the security world of security researchers and ethical hackers (yes, they do exist), there is this concept of "responsible disclosure". This means when a security expert or white-hat hacker finds a vulnerability, they disclose the details to the organization that owns the technology. Said organization generally fixes the issue before the exploit is widely known, therefore averting harm to unsuspecting users! 

But, our NSA has no such incentive to disclose (quite the contrary.) So, they are possibly finding (and leaking, inadvertently or not) vulnerabilities AND they are NOT disclosing them to be fixed! This is, well, outrageous no matter the reason! The lack of disclosure is potentially causing people to suffer at the consequences of security issues!

Read the full article here and prepare to be outraged:

By the way, the names are HILARIOUS if not for the reality of what they are!

Note, I make no claim as to the veracity of this information. 

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