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If you're still serving websites using ColdFusion, you are asking for trouble!

If you're still using ColdFusion 8 (or below), you should already know that Adobe Core Support ended back in July 2012. Using this platform in a production environment is just reckless...

If you're in ColdFusion 9 or 10, you're still supported... BUT... your window is closing fast.

Still, the reality is that ColdFusion is a dead platform in my humble opinion. Yes, Adobe may or may not have plans for CF 11 (I honestly don't know), but that's not what a "real world" IT manager has to worry about.

As someone "out there" in the real world supporting systems AND hiring people to support systems, I can say that ColdFusion developers are extremely rare and when you do find them, they tend to be quite expensive. (Remember the laws of supply and demand from economics class.)

So, from the standpoint alone of finding resources, I would advise a client to move away from ColdFusion ASAP.

However, there's another angle. This is an angle that not being a CF expert, I am unfamiliar with as it relates to CF and it's the side of SECURITY. 

In a world of data breaches by giants like Target and Nieman Marcus (and countless others), security should not be an after thought. Yet it is many times!

Enter Brian Krebs, the respected security researcher and avid blogger. His take on CF security is interesting and alarming.

If my resource-based argument for moving away from CF is not enough for you, check out Brian's article and see for yourself.

Krebs article:

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Adobe's End of Life Time Line is here:

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