Eric Soto

Welcome! This is Eric Soto and I am a Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in mobile apps and APIs. As a certified Agile practitioner, I help businesses expand quickly into mobile and the internet so they can better reach a nationwide presence.

Presently, Eric works as a Lead Engineer for MJD Interactive, a Digital Innovation Agency in San Diego, CA. MJD focuses on projects that impact tens of thousands of end-users.

I'm also involved with the following companies which provide Products and Services to various audiences.


 INIT 42, INC.

Mobile App design and development, API architecture and development, AWS infrastructure and automation. 

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I am Agile/Scrum certified and have been practicing Agile methodologies for iterative software delivery for over 5 years.


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iHealthSpot is the leading provider of medical websites, online patient education and secure patient portals for doctors. iHealthSpot allows physicians to market their practice, educate patients, communicate with patients securely, share records and results and enhance the doctor-patient relationship through the use of the web. 

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Mobile Software Engineer, iOS & Android, REST API Development

Eric A. Soto * West Palm Beach, Florida * 561-318-1610