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Welcome! This is Eric Soto and I am a Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in mobile apps and APIs. As a certified Agile practitioner, I help businesses expand quickly into mobile and the internet so they can better reach a nationwide presence.

iOS Release Management Service


LET'S FACE IT, iOS Release Management is a PAIN...

As much as developing for iOS is a joy for most developers, releasing to the AppStore is not!

Why is this? Apple is very focused on security so their process takes a number of hoops that one must jump through.

Then, most developers are not familiar with the actual configuration of iTunesConnect, Apple's tool to manage your AppStore entries. Marketing teams might never have used it either.

And then, there's the dreaded review process. A lot of developers are confused by Apple's rejection responses and simply don't know how to resolve the issues.

Finally, a lot of companies build apps for their internal employees. Those are NOT apps that need to be in the AppStore, yet most developers are unfamiliar with Apple's Enterprise Development Program that allows immediate distribution of your private in-house apps.

Enter our iOS Release Management Service

Rather than having your engineers consumer a lot of their valuable time "figuring it out", we can do it for you. Let your developers and engineers spend time adding features to your app, not mindlessly managing your AppStore listing.

Eric Soto has 5+ years experience managing apps in the AppStore. He's released apps both small and large, even some brands you would recognize! We can do the work for you, from soup to nuts. We are engineers, so we can speak mumbo-jumbo to engineers. But we're also business people, so we can talk regular-jumbo to business teams!

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  • AppStore provisioning including certificate and provisioning profile management.
  • iTunesConnect account creation and management.
  • iTunes review and resolution management.
  • Enterprise/In-House distributions including over-the-air deployments for your private apps.
  • Code reviews, entitlement management, APNS configuration and more.



Mobile Software Engineer, iOS & Android, REST API Development

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