Eric Soto

Welcome! This is Eric Soto and I am a Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in mobile apps and APIs. As a certified Agile practitioner, I help businesses expand quickly into mobile and the internet so they can better reach a nationwide presence.



I am Eric Soto and I am a professional Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in iPhone, Android apps and APIs. I currently work for MJD Interactive, a San Diego based Digital Innovation Agency. I am based in Orlando, Florida and routinely work on projects across the US.

With over 26 years experience in technology and more than 18 of those years in the Internet space, I have an excellent track record of leveraging technology and achieving positive results on the web.

I help businesses expand into mobile and the Internet so they can reach a nationwide presence quickly and cost-effectively.

I am Agile/Scrum certified and have been practicing Agile methodologies for over 5 years. I strongly believe in the values of iterative software delivery.

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I am a passionate Apple Mac user. I migrated from Windows in 2012 after many years on that platform. Since then I have helped many businesses and fellow developers transition into Macs. These days I use both macOS, Ubuntu and other Linux Distros extensively.




Mobile Software Engineer, iOS & Android, REST API Development

Eric A. Soto * Orlando, Florida * 561-318-1610