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Welcome! This is Eric Soto and I am a Mobile Software Engineer and technology leader specializing in mobile apps and APIs. As a certified Agile practitioner, I help businesses expand quickly into mobile and the internet so they can better reach a nationwide presence.

Infographics tell a story!

I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Randy Krum, who has literally "written the book" on infographics. I love infographics, and they are the rage of the Internet right now. But I always thought these graphics came from the clever minds of designers! Actually, Randy's well crafted presentation helped me realize that infographics are data visualizations and not graphic design! Yes, design elements help tell the story, but data takes center stage, albeit shown with visual appeal!

As a cool example of Randy's work (who is surprisingly a Mechanical Engineer and not a designer), check out the infographic below. Did you know that the New iPad can Streamline your Digital Life? See how long it takes you to "get" the main message of the graphic... then, try to notice how much actual information is conveyed, quickly. Now, picture this same "data" but in a table - and you'll be amazed how appealing the infographic is when compared to the extremely boring table this data would otherwise be!

Learn more about Infographics at Randy's book, "Cool Infographics", is available from Amazon in paperback and kindle editions.

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